A Guide to Jean Michel Jarre, 1977-93

Make Your Own Taste

Jean Michel Jarreby Simon Slator

If you’re familiar with the U.S. sitcom How I Met Your Mother, you may recall an episode titled “PS I Love You” that featured practically every Canadian superstar from Jason Priestley to Geddy Lee [Editor’s note: the world loves to make fun of us…]. In that episode, the main characters watch a Canadian music documentary chronicling the sudden transformation of bubblegum pop singer Robin Sparkles into the angst-ridden grunge-rocker Robin Daggers. The joke was that the event was so significant, not only could the interviewees remember where they were when that happened, but also what donut they were eating at the time.

“What does this have to do with Jean Michel Jarre?” I hear you ask. Well, my relationship with Jarre’s music began at age nine and has so far spanned almost three quarters of my life. Each Jarre album was so significant…

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