Chronologie – Jean Michel Jarre [#269]

Nice review from the 1993 album from an accurate JMJ fan.

Stegzy's Music Project

CHANGES+IN+MINDChronologie – Jean Michel Jarre

Hello, another guest post here from Steelrattus.

I first encountered Jean Michel Jarre as a teenager. I was very fortunate in that my mum worked at a library, so it meant I took a particular interest in books. Then in the 80s libraries started to have cassettes, and later on CDs. This meant I could listen to a lot more music than my pocket would normally afford, and I could also experiment a lot more. This is where I first strayed across Jean Michel Jarre. I wasn’t really aware of him being a popular artist – if his albums were in the charts I didn’t notice – although later on as an adult I realised he was pretty popular.

For those who have not listened to Jarre before, his music is synthesiser based. But there is, or at least was, something quite special about it. He did…

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