3 limited editions (180 gr) of 3 of Jarre’s collaborations with Massive Attack, Tangerine Dream and Gesaffelstein (earlier released as en EP on Beatport store) are on pre-sale on the vinyl factory. Only 1000 of each will be produced, becoming collector items. The official date is the 19th of June, which will be the day the fans will order the collaboration album, the whole one, which will involve even more stars from the electronica scene. You can now find extracts from these EPs on Jarre’s soundcloud.Below the tracklist from the vinyls : WATCHING YOU – JEAN-MICHEL JARRE x 3D (MASSIVE ATTACK) A-Side: Watching You (Original Version) B-Side: Watching You (Jarre Reworked Version) Watching You (Extended 3D Mix)

ZERO GRAVITY – JEAN-MICHEL JARRE x TANGERINE DREAM A-Side: Zero Gravity (Album Version) B-Side: Zero Gravity (Above & Beyond Remix)

CONQUISTADOR – JEAN-MICHEL JARRE x GESAFFELSTEIN A-Side: Conquistador (Album Version) B-Side: Conquistador (JMJ RMX) Conquistador (JMJ RMX Extended)

Edit : Read the press kit from the Vinyl Factory