The new Jarre album will be out on October 16th, 2015 in both physical and digital formats.

Its title and visual is a spare one, E-project, along the concept of the album itself which wad made during the whole process with various electronic music people from around the world. There will be 16 of them, as we know already 4 of them: Gesaffelstein (hear the music in the video below), 3D (from Massive Attack), Tangerine Dream and M83.

See below the videoclip teasing the 12 other artists.

Here is the statement from his record company Sont Germany : “E-Project” (working title) was conceived with Jarre’s wish to encompass the last few decades of electronic music with the participation of outstanding artists of all generations with whom Jarre feels especially connected with by a common DNA. The album features 16 different collaborators, including the so far revealed M83, Tangerine Dream, Gesaffelstein and 3D from Massive Attack.

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:: Fan special box sets ::

For the first time in his career Jarre will also release a box set for the album with exclusive content up for pre-order via this website only. The ultimate Deluxe Fan Box Set is limited to 1000 units and hand signed and numbered by Jean-Michel Jarre personally. See the two Deluxe set with additional contents to be determined.