Pete Townshend about his recent collaboration with Jean Michel Jarre

Pete Townshend (The who) makes a complete update about his work with Jean Michel on the three-part track Travelator on his Official site.

“Jean-Michel contacted me directly about this project [Electronica 1: The Time Machine, featuring the collaborative track “Travelator (Part 2)”]. We had never met, and never corresponded before. I knew his most famous music, but had mainly been interested in his studios, his old synthesizers, and his incredibly audacious audio-visual concerts to millions of people. He seems to me to be a kind of art installation in himself. When we met face-to-face we had so much in common, and such artistic empathy, that we immediately became great friends.

He had prepared three tracks, which were like rave music, extreme EDM. Super fast tempo. My job was to write lyrics. I was quickly inspired by an image of an extraordinary vehicle, steered by the Great Steersman Himself (God!) from this planet to another (God was abandoning the Earth to the Plague, but taking me with Him, of course). I did some vocal demos, then Jean-Michel came to my home studio and I did proper vocals, backing vocals, and some rhythm and lead guitar parts. He is very much the producer. He is tireless, and quite perfectionist, but also really supportive and inspiring.

Jean-Michel is a great raconteur, but also loves to talk about the evolution of technology in his own career. In other words, he talks a lot. This is not ego, simply enthusiasm. We both love talking about this stuff. When we went for dinner together, my partner Rachel said it was like listening to two self-obsessed nerdy schoolboys talking about their new studio toys. Of course we were also talking about our old studio toys as well, those old vintage machines that young keyboard guys want to try so badly, that we now consign to storage warehouses or museums. The new stuff is quite simply better in so many ways. There is an irony there. Both of us remember cutting up tape with razor blades to make our biggest hits.” (Source)


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