Interview by Factmag (september 2015)

Jean-Michel Jarre doesn’t normally do things by halves.

But that’s exactly what he’s up to when I meet him at his plush Paris pad in one of the city’s more opulent streets; situated in the 8th arrondissement, it’s a stone’s throw from the underpass where Princess Diana’s car crashed in 1997. By day, he meets members of the press to promote Electronica 1, and by night he mixes Electronica 2, set for release in April 2016. It’s a tiring schedule, but he’s in fine spirits. What’s more, Jean-Michel looks remarkably well preserved for his 67 years; in jeans and racing driver jacket, he could pass for a man half his age if you were to squint a little bit.

He’s not lost his sense of adventure either. The Electronica albums feature 30 collaborators in all, from Pete Townshend to Fuck Buttons, Gary Numan to Gesaffelstein. As one of the true pioneers of electronic music, he could be excused for putting his feet up and letting others come to him, but instead Jarre waited patiently for the artists he wanted to work with to become available, crossing continents to collaborate in person on a project four years in the making. Read More


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