Jarre video interview to Kaput Magazine (13 October 2015)


He may have reached the ripe age of 67, but futurist French musician, composer and producer Jean Michel Jarre is far from being tired. The son of famous film composer Maurice Jarre (his father did the soundtracks for “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Doctor Zivago”), his early training came from Pierre Schaeffer in the early 70s, the period of Musique concrete. But Jean Michel would leave academia behind to take on the biggest stadiums and most bizarre venues for his synthesizer compositions, most famously with his album „Oxygéne“ which has sold 18 million copies to date.

This autumn sees Jean Michel Jarre release „ELECTRONICA 1: The Time Machine”, the first of two albums where he’s collaborated with a wide spectrum of contemporary electronic artists like Boys Noize, M83, Air, Vince Clarke, Little Boots, Fuck Buttons, Moby, Gesaffelstein, Pete Townshend, Tangerine Dream, Laurie Anderson, Armin van Burren, Massive Attack, John Carpenter and Lang Lang. Read more…


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