Mike Ragogna’s interview with Jarre about Electronica


Mike Ragogna: Bonjour, Jean-Michel! Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when you created your classic electronic album Oxygène?

Jean-Michel Jarre: Absolutely. It’s true in a lifetime span, what it means when you are working and I think it’s true for everybody, whatever you do in that path of your life and it’s also true in the context of electronic music. I’ve been really privileged, being one of the guys in electronic music in the days when it was just considered a bunch of crazy guys working with crazy machines. I remember far before Oxygène when I started being involved in electronic music in Pierre Schaeffer’s Music Research Center in Paris and with Karlheinz Stockhausen in Germany, that was really very far away from rock ‘n’ roll. But I’ve always been convinced that electronic music was more than just a genre of music like pop or rock or punk or hip-hop but actually a new way of writing, composing, producing even distributing music these days. I was absolutely convinced that one day it would become the major genre of composition of music. In that sense for me, Oxygène is like yesterday, yes, and also the fact that there is a kind of family and heritage for me in electronic music, which I tried to express and to visit through this project Electronica 1. Trying to gather around me some of the people who were a source of inspiration, directly linked or indirectly linked to that scene, covering more or less forty years. When I started this project I didn’t realize that next year will be the fortieth anniversary of Oxygène. What I’ve done unconsciously the past three or four years, working with people from these four decades, the late sixties to 2015, with people such as Tangerine Dream on one side and Gesaffelstein on the other side. Read More…


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