With the exception of this album, I haven’t yet listened to the albums Jarre released after Metamorphoses, partly because of his change in sound and partly because of the rather lackluster reviews they have garnered here on PA. I am familiar with all his previous studio albums, however.

Jarre’s output has tended toward pop-style electronica, as evidenced by the fact that he’s listed under Prog Related category rather than Progressive Electronic. Nevertheless, I find him a good composer and enjoy much of his material.

Electronica 1: The Time Machine consists of 68 minutes of music, so it’s almost a double album. As the album’s subtitle suggests, the music represents a fusion of classical and contemporary electronica. Each track is the result of collaboration with other artists and groups, ranging from musical contemporaries from Jarre’s generation to emerging acts. Electronica 2 is expected to be released in Spring 2016. Read more…