The two electronic music pioneers sit down for a discussion about technology, the future, and the barriers to progressJean-Michel Jarre is the French synthesizer pioneer who sold 80 million records, composed some of electronic music’s most iconic tracks, and played open-air concerts to millions at locations like the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids of Giza. Jeff Mills is the innovating Detroit artist who defined the early shape of techno with Underground Resistance and as The Wizard, held residencies in both Tresor and the Louvre, and broke down the barriers between the dancefloor and the concert hall with his orchestral collaborations.

The two artists have left an indelible mark on electronic music in their own different ways, and now they’ve worked together on a track for Jarre’s new album Electronica 2, the second part of a multi-album project that sees the French artist collaborate with a slew of musicians who’ve made a lasting impact on electronic music, from Gary Numan to the Pet Shop Boys to Laurie Anderson. Read more.