A positive review from Electronica volume 2 : the heart of noise by Darren Stephens.

Fifteen Minutes of Mantra Filled Oompah

Eight months after volume 1 hits the shelves (and download sites), here comes volume2. If the earlier work was a surprise to some in its variety, then the somewhat eclectic mix of things on show here might be less of a shock. The list of artists is, in some ways, probably even more of a surprise than first time around. Who’d have imagined Cyndi Lauper or the Pet Shop Boys, eh?

As with vol 1, I’ll describe individual track briefly to illustrate exactly who the collaborators are, but bear in mind that there are mostly on fist listen. My faves, as with vol 1, are likely to change over time.

The Heart of Noise(Rone)
I wasn’t really aware of Rone, but this is great. Very much in the same vein as Vol 1’s Automatic with Vince Clarke. Atmospheric. Nice bass line. And an insistent melody, building from a more…

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