Jean Michel Jarre’s final word to Electronica 2: the heart of noise

Six years ago I had this idea of merging DNA with musicians and artists of different generations, linked, directly or indirectly, to electronic music in a kind of sharing process in a world where we’re more isolated than ever by our smartphones and the Internet. In electronic music, unlike rock or jazz, we artists are isolated, like painters in their ateliers. That’s something I wanted to explore, to really collaborate in person, rather than just share sound files on email. To combine my world with those of other people whom I respect, love and admire from more than five decades of electronic music. The idea is very much in phase with our times, to merge communities, celebrate the connections, but in a real, physical, organic, natural way.

I had no idea it was possible to work with so many artists on an album and still have a unity and cohesiveness of colors and sounds. For me, music is the most interactive mode of expression in ways that don’t depend on a narrative. You can create your own film in your imagination. The kind of artists I worked with are more than just people writing songs. They create their own, very specific world. They are not telling a story, but allowing you to create your own. Every track on Electronica is an invitation for a journey, not in a new age sense, but in a very dynamic, dark, edgy, joyful or melancholic one. It’s a trip where you visit different tribes of people, but at the end of the day, they’re all part of the same family.

Electronica is a once in a lifetime project for me. It means the world to me to be trusted by so many incredible artist who became part of this journey. Its not over yet – See you on the road!

Jean-Michel Jarre

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