Jean-Michel Jarre says “Electronica 2,” just out, is the culmination of his most ambitious project, spread over five years. The French musician, who has sold 80 million records starting with “Oxygene” in 1976, sits down for an interview and quietly speaks about his latest release, which is subtitled “The Heart of Noise” and has a long list of collaborators from Peaches to Gary Numan, and Cyndi Lauper to the Pet Shop Boys.

The synthesizer star says he is also showing solidarity with Edward Snowden who makes an appearance on one track, “Exit,” to discuss computer privacy. Freedom is key, says the whistleblower: “If you don’t stand up for it, then who will?” The question is repeated over a pulsating throb of synths, while the video shows an endless vista of security cameras, cyber hackers and digital surveillance.

So how did Jarre came up with such a wide-ranging list of collaborators? More.