DJ Alexander Ridha, aka Boys Noize interviewed by Electronic Beats made a statement on his collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre on “the time machine”:

You recently collaborated with Jean Michel Jarre on the title track of his album Electronica 1: The Time Machine. How did that unlikely collaboration unfold?

He called me up and invited me to collaborate, and then we met twice. He said he knew all my records and that he was a fan of mine. The funny thing is that I own all of his records, too.

When you met in Berlin, did you go to a restaurant or did you meet in your studio?

I think the first time we met was in a hotel room. After we both embraced the idea of working together, he sent me a few disco arpeggio loops. I used the sketches to build a proper track on top of them, which I then sent back. We went back and forth a couple times, and since he was the executive producer of the album, he finished the track in a fashion that only he would. But that’s alright. It felt like an honor working with him. When we met for the second time, he visited me at my studio. He brought a cameraman with him and we filmed a behind-the-scenes conversation. He’s pretty professional!