Interview for (2016)

logo_bigger72res_400x400French musician Jean-Michel Jarre is universally hailed as the godfather of electronic music, having pioneered the use of synthesizers in popular music. Beginning his career at the end of the ‘60s, Jarre has sold in excess of 80 million records to date, and his performances are truly the stuff of legend—or Guinness Book world records. His concert event celebrating Moscow, Russia’s 850th birthday had 3.5 million people in attendance. That is not a typo. He has held the world record for concert attendance repeatedly, having performed at least five major concert spectacles with 1 million or more people in attendance at each. What makes his shows this special? Incredible visual light shows that accompany his dreamy, melodic music that crosses and blurs the boundaries of pop, electronica, ambient, and fusion.

If there’s one keyboard player that every other major keyboard player can admit to listening to at some point over the years, it is Jean-Michel Jarre. Without him, it’s quite possible that the new wave movement, progressive rock, and virtually all music from the ‘80s might have never  existed! So it was with great excitement that Jarre undertook his latest two-album project: Electronica Volume I: The Time Machine, and Electronica Volume 2: The Heard of Noise, on which he collaborated with well-known electronic musicians from across the world. Read the interview.


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