There’s a valid argument to be made in regards to Jean-Michel Jarre’s blipping celebrity status. Akin to the kitsch electronica and camp interpretations of the intergalactic future he has championed for over four decades, the composer’s notoriety sort of comes and goes like the seasonal nature of fashion.

The burrs and blurs of hardwired modulator dials and warbled theremin gestures coated by treacly orange laser beams currently boast a trendy nostalgia factor in contemporary electronics thanks to the resurgence of classic, ‘old-sounding’ synth builds. Luckily for Jarre, throwback analogue soundtracking is presently alive and well. But not only is it unacceptable to shrug Jarre’s continuous efforts off as dowdy retrogression but, as he demonstrates so diligently tonight, it’s wrong to suggest the artist has nothing left to contribute to a sound he helped establish in the 70s. Read more.