Another good review for Electronica 2: the heart of Noise

The Echo Music


Jean Michel Jarre’s father was a composer of movies music. Often, he travelled to USA to work,and then the little Jean Michel was raised only by his mother, in France. He doesn’t have relationship with his father until 18 years old.

Also, he studied with Karlheinz Stockhausen (the German musician, one of the innovators in the electronic music), but Jarre acknowledges to Pierre Schaeffer (a pioneer of musique concrete) as his mentor. What he learn from Schaeffer is that the music is not created by musical notes, but sounds. According to him, nowadays all the DJs are sound designers.

He became one of the precursors of the electronic music, selling more than a 12 million copies of his first album, Oxygène, playing live for an audience of more than a million people at Place de la Concorde. But the new generations haven’t heard about him. That’s why he decided…

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