Jean-Michel Jarre interview in EDM-DFW

April 5th 1986, something magical happened while a nation mourned the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger crew. Jean-Michel Jarre set a Guinness Book of Records (at the time) for the largest “rock concert” in history. It happened in downtown Houston, Texas. With the skyscrapers of Space City as the background, Jean-Michel Jarre put on a light show that was ahead of it’s time for the Texas crowd.

A few days ago, I was able to relive this moment in time through the story telling of Jean-Michel Jarre. We talked about his connection to Texas and a number of topics which include his upcoming North American Tour. I’m excited to see what the Electronica Pioneer has in store for Dallas and Houston. After coordinating time zones in our respective countries, we had the date and time set to talk all things Jarre.

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