Planet Jarre: A 50 years of music compilation


Disc 1 : Explorations & Early works
Souvenir of China
Blah Blah Café
Music for supermarkets (Demo Excerpt) – Part 2 most arguably
La Cage
The song of the burnt barns
Hapiness is a sad song
AOR Bleu
Last Rendez-vous

Disc 2 : Sequences
Cochella opening
Automatic part 1 (with Vince Clarke)
Exit (with Edward Snowden)
Equinoxe 7
Oxygene 8
Stardust (with Armin Van Buuren)

Disc 3 : Soundscapes
Oxygene 1
Oxygene 19
Rendez-vous 1
Millions of stars
Chronology 1
Oxygene 20
Equinoxe 2
Waiting for Cousteau
The heart of noise (the origin)

Disc 4 : Themes
Industrial Revolution part 2
Oxygene 4
Equinoxe 5
Oxygene 2
Equinoxe 4
Magnetic fields 2
Rendez-vous 2 (harpe laser)
Rendez-vous 4
Chronology 4

Feed: Answers about Planet Jarre formats

Edit from Jean Michel Jarre’s Facebook page to make it clearer:

VINYL : 4-LP limited Edition Vinyl Media Book feat. all 41 Tracks 4 heavy weight 180g black vinyl disc in a flip pages coffetable book format plus a download code to access the complete album as a high quality WAV-File download plus 12 tracks mixed in 5.1.

BOX SET : The consecutive numbered Deluxe Fan Box feat all 41 Tracks on 2-CD Deluxe Digipack Edition plus all 41 Track on 2 cassette tapes and a download card to access the complete album as a high quality WAV-File download plus 12 tracks mixed in 5.1.

DELUXE CD : Deluxe CD feat. all 41 Track on 2 CD in a 6-page digipack including a 24 page full color booklet.

STANDARD CD : Standard CD feat. all 41 Track on 2 CD in a jewlcase box with a 12 page full color booklet

The editor’s word : “Rarely did musical belief in progress sound as pop-historically valuable as in 1976, when composer, performer, songwriter, sound architect and producer Jean-Michel Jarre released his debut Oxygene. Countless millions of sold units of the record laid the foundation for the unprecedented career of the Frenchman. His pioneering work then triggered a veritable cult, the fastest growing trend the music industry has ever experienced: Electronic Music. Jarre’s shows broke three world records and his music always followed his internalized stance that progress is only possible if one is willing to deviate from the norm. With his Best Of PLANET JARRE, the Godfather of Electronic Music is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The 41 handpicked tracks of the album were curated by Jean-Michel Jarre himself and assigned to the four styles and emphases of his musical work. The result was a four-part album on 4 x 180g vinyl LPs, summarized in a hardcover book including download codes for some tracks in 5.1. Sound. The first part, Soundscapes, is made up of nine atmospheric ambience tracks that are clearly inspired by its classic backround and love of film music. Themes, on the other hand, includes the more melodic pieces and world-famous hits like Oxygene 4, Equinoxe 5, and Zoological Studies, which, like all titles, have been remastered. The pieces in the third part are all based on repetitive, hypnotic sequences that illustrate Jarre’s role as a pioneer of techno and EDM and include a previously unpublished track Coachella Opening. Rounding out the work of Exploration & Early Work, the part that documents the beginnings of Jarre’s musical creation and based on repetitive, hypnotic sequences that can be created only with electronic instruments. Planet Jarre features two brand new titles, Herbalizer and Coachella Opening, as well as rarities such as an early, unreleased demo of Music for Supermarkets, which resulted in the creation of the produced and instantly destroyed album Music For Supermarkets. For a long time, the only LP available on the album was considered to be the world’s highest-grossing vinyl. Thus, there are many new and many rediscover on Planet Jarre. Tracks in 5.1.”



3 thoughts on “Planet Jarre: A 50 years of music compilation

  1. There’s been so many Jarre compilations, and this one doesn’t really seem to distinguish itself in my eyes. A tracklist of the usual suspects, really.

    Have to feel sorry for Jarre. He’s even tried re-recording his old stuff in the past, and remixed it in 5.1 with Aero, he keeps on coming back to his past glories… would another live album from his recent shows have been a better option? I suppose this compilation is more to do with his record company than the man himself but all the same, disappointing…

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