13. Jean-Michel Jarre | Equinoxe

Nice Jarre album pick. Could have been mine, too.

The Electric 5

My favourite Jarre album because of the first track, which was possibly my first introduction to electronic music, that and Oxygene (my Uncle recorded me both and they took up one side each of a C90 cassette).

It starts so quietly, then you get the beeps and the synthesizer and that melody which then seeps through the rest of the album.  You listen to it now and you have to do a double-take when you realise it was made 40 years ago! The production was way ahead of time and so was the imagination!

Some people don’t like Jean-Michel (overblown live shows, plinky-plonky keyboard) but I adore him.  If it wasn’t for him, I could still be listening to ghastly pop music 24/7!

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