12/09/2018: Premiere of the 360° Planet Jarre in Hamburg’s Planetarium

20/08/2018 Via Jean-Michel Jarre – On September 12th the Planetarium in Hamburg will present the Premiere of a 360° audio-visual PLANET JARRE show which I am very excited to see myself. #planetjarre #50yearsofmusic Source.

Edit 21/08/2018: Also you get the chance to win tickets for the exclusive PLANET JARRE planetarium show on September 12th in Hamburg. Just follow the link below on Apple Music or Spotify. 10×2 tickets are to win. Good luck! Source

PRESS RELEASE : “The Planetarium Hamburg presents the new exhibition PLANET JARRE in 360° image and sound. 50 years of Electronic Space Music – as an audiovisual experience with Stars, Light and Laser. A journey to his greatest musical creations and ultimate playlists – his Soundscapes, Themes, Sequences and Explorations. All tracks were personally reworked, remastered and retouched by Jean-Michel Jarre himself. Duration approx. 50 minutes, Tickets 13 €.”


  • Fri, 14-Sep-2018, 21:00
  • Sat, 22-Sep-2018, 21:00
  • Fri, 28-Sep-2018, 21:15
  • Sat, 29-Sep-2018, 21:00
  • Wed, 3-Oct-2018, 21:00
  • Sat, 6-Oct-2018, 17:30
  • Thu, 11-Oct-2018, 21:15
  • Sat, 13-Oct-2018, 20:00
  • Sat, 20-Oct-2018, 17:30
  • Wed, 31-Oct-2018, 20:15Planetarium official website
    Tickets (Eventim)

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