Equinoxe Infinity, new Jarre album, out 16.11.2018

Jean-Michel Jarre will release the sequel to Equinoxe, Equinoxe Infinity, the 16th of november 2018. This concept album will not be a direct follow-up to the 1978 masterpiece, but rather a meditation about the watchers (the characters with binoculars) as being part of the struggle (or not) between human and artificial intelligence. Jarre describes this album as “Equinoxe on steroids”. The album will have two covers, chosen randomly, one being the more optimistic, the other the more pessimistic about that struggle (see below for details).

Here is the track list :

  1. The watchers (movement 1) 2:57
  2. Flying totems (movement 2) 3:53
  3. Robots don’t cry (movement 3) 5:44
  4. All that you leave behind (movement 4) 4:00
  5. If the wind could speak (movement 5) 1:32
  6. Infinity (movement 6) 4:13
  7. Machines are learning (movement 7) 2:07
  8. The opening (movement 8) 4:16
  9. Don’t look back (movement 9) 3:35
  10. Equinoxe infinity (movement 10) 7:32

The editor’s word :

With EQUINOXE INFINITY, a brand new EQUINOXE album is released for the 40th anniversary of the original. In 1978, Jean-Michel Jarre composed and produced an album that reflected the music of our future and thus revolutionized electronic music history. As a supporting element on EQUINOXE it was about the Watchers (the observers), who were seen on the original album cover in infinite numbers. Who are these watchers? Are you watching us? Are you a friend or an enemy? In [1978], in an emerging era of technology and innovation, these Watchers were a symbol of machines watching us, an early vision of what the future would bring us. At EQUINOXE INFINITY, Jean-Michel Jarre continues this idea. The new work will be released with two covers. One version embodies a future in which man lives in harmony with nature. The other version shows the destruction that machines and humans could bring across the planet. For the well-known as innovator and pioneer Jarre, the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Man vs Machine is the most important and explosive topic for the future of humanity. For his thoughts, Jarre was honored in 2017 with the Standing Hawkins Medal of Science. EQUINOX INFINITY is the soundtrack for this two-sided vision of the future. The cover can not be selected when ordering. The selection is made at the request of the artist randomly.


Jean-Michel Jarre talks about the Equinoxe Infinity concept (Hamburg, 12/09/2018):

When we thought about how to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Equinoxe, I suddenly thought that Equinoxe is probably my favorite artwork of all time. I love Oxygene, I say that with lots of respect for Michel Granger’s work. I think it’s one of the most striking and intriguing covers even in the vinyl history. I’m saying this again to pay tribute to Michel Granger. And I said, these creatures, strange creatures on the cover, I always call them the watchers and, and… What happened to them? What would happen to them today? What would happen to them in 40 years from now?

So, for the first time, I started the project from the artwork and thinking in days where there is a big revival of vinyls, the importance of visuals, it could be time to pay tribute to artworks in music history. And then I composed this album almost as a soundtrack based on what could happen to these watchers. And I would say that it has a link with Equinoxe, but I would say it’s Equinoxe on steroids, using some sounds from the first one, but also sounds of 2018 and also thinking about artificial intelligence, thinking about the future of music. So it’s all that. And I’m going to release this album with the same music but with two different covers. And the visuals are going to be very important in all the release and the story of this album to come.


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