Robots don’t cry – Official music video from Equinoxe Infinity

Here is the full track Robots don’t cry from the upcoming Equinoxe Infinity album.

Jean-Michel Jarre’s word: I love oxymorons, made of two opposing words, two opposite feelings. This track is a mirror of that. I use the Mellotron a lot in this piece, such a great instrument, a mechanical device but with a human quality VR eating sounds like some audio remains of the past. I recorded this track only once, I did everything – the melody and the rhythm-track – in one go. I love the idea that technology can provide emotion, even though technology is not linked to the notion that it can actually provide emotion. Robots or Artificial Intelligence are just machines without any contradicting emotions so far. They might not be able to work as efficiently should they have emotions. But who knows, one day maybe, robots will experience nostalgia.

(C) 2018 Jean-Michel Jarre under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH


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