Festicket interview: “You have to create your own limitations”

Forty years ago the French composer and electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre released his landmark studio-album Equinoxe. Divided into two suites and eight parts, it built on the futuristic sounds of Oxygene, released two years earlier, and both have become cult classics along with their iconic artworks from visual artist Michel Granger.

Soon after the release Equinoxe on Bastille Day, Jarre performed an arresting one-off performance at the Place de Concorde –fireworks, light projections and all– attracting a crowd of a million and breaking the Guinness World Records for the largest outdoor performance at the time. It’s but one in a sea of awards and accolades across the arts, sciences and beyond that Jarre has won over his career, but typifies the scale and spectacle behind the man.

This month Jarre returned along with the revival of Equinoxe, bringing us the sequel in this odyssey, Equinoxe Unlimited. We caught up with the luminary to discuss this second chapter, his musical legacy, and the implications and applications of technology in the future. Read more.


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