#668 Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène

Random Record Review

I’ve never been a particular fan of JMJ, generally preferring my electronic instrumental music as either the full-blown ridiculously OTT progtastic fare of Wakeman or Wayne, or chugging motorik krautrock or the early electronic pioneers of Carlos, Derbyshire and Oram, or the neo-classical composers of Johann Johannson et al. That said, Jarre has written one of the most distinctive and recognisable synth-led tunes of modern times with Oxygène Part IV, so I bought this record for €1 at a record fair a couple of years ago and decided to give him a proper listen.

This album was Jarre’s second from 1976 and is still his most well-known and arguably his best. It effectively demonstrates his musical compositional abilities and way around an electronic keyboard. There’s more brightness here than you’d find with Kraftwerk for example, but far less emotion or warmth than you get from Vangelis. To…

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