A Conversation with Jean-Michel Jarre by Neil Clarke in Clarkesworld Magazine (2019)

For some, science fiction has a sound. A notion of which I was reminded when an opportunity to meet French electronic music pioneer, Jean-Michel Jarre, presented itself in December. It can be argued that no other genre of music better represents what I hear in my mind as the soundtrack for space, science fiction, and the future. How could I say no?

In 1976, Jean-Michel Jarre’s album, Oxygène* (1976), became an enormous commercial hit, bringing with it international acclaim while simultaneously elevating the synthesizer’s popularity in modern music. The albums that followed would go on to redefine electronic music and greatly influence artists both inside and beyond the genre. Ever embracing new technology, it should come as no surprise that his concerts have likewise pushed audiovisual experience, further extending his impact on music. Read more.


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