Entire Jarre’s list of albums on worldwide diffusion :

1972 Deserted Palace / Jarre’s first album for ambient and advertising music.
1973 Les Granges brûlées [Soundtrack] / Jarre’s first Movie Score with only two synths.
1977 Oxygène / The breakthrough album and a milestone of electronic music.
1978 Équinoxe / The perfect follow-up to oxygène, same climax but more of energy.
1981 Magnetic Fields / A shift to more sequence-driven music.
1982 The Concerts in China / The adventures of Jarre in China, includes fine new tracks.
1983 Music for Supermarkets* / The most expensive album ever produced in musical world.
1984 Zoolook / The art of sampling pushed to its limits guesting all-star american musicians. Milestone, too.
1986 Rendez-Vous / An operatic space Opera featuring famous Rendez-vous IV anthem.
1988 Revolutions / A mixture of Jarres’ different influences in music, from east to west
1990 Waiting for Cousteau / A great album featuring a 45-minute ambient track
1993 Chronologie / Jarre’s timeless classic combination of digital and analog synths, heavily produced.
1997 Oxygene 7–13 / The follow-up of Oxygène, with modern beats and catchy tunes.
2000 Métamorphoses / A real shift from Jean Michel to building hi-tech songs with female vocals.
2001 Interior Music* / An experimental single for Bang & Olufsen
2002 Sessions 2000 / This smooth Jazz attempt is still Jarre. Harmly.
2003 Geometry of Love / Great laid-back music that might hit you if you’re into lounge music.
2004 Aero / Incredible compilation of Jarre’s best works to listen to on a 5.1. PA system.
2007 Téo & Téa / Jarre exploring trance music, through the eyes of two twin characters.
2007 Oxygene: New Master Recording / The re-recording of the original Oxygène from 1977. Genuine.
2011 Essential and Rarities / Double album with a best from 1976 to 2002 and early works from 1969 to 1973.
2015 Electronica, 1: A time machine / Collaboration project with various members of the electronic music scene.
2016 Electronica, 2: The heart of noise / Continuation of volume 1, plus some solo Jarre tracks.
2016 Oxygene 3 / Continuation of the Oxygène 7-13 album, with a mixture of analogue and digital sounds
2018 Equinoxe Infinity / The sequel to Equinoxe, based on the watchers, modern AIs, from the first album

* Limited editions : 1 print for Music for supermarkets, 1.000 for Interior Music.


6 thoughts on “Albums

  1. I guess that “Oxygene” have been released in 1976, not 1977. Or am I wrong?!

    Answer: You are right… It was released in 1976 in France and in 1977 worldwide…

  2. I used to have an album of jean michelle jarre’s but I lost it and I am trying to find a particular track where a brilliant female vocalist comes in towards the end of the music.
    I think the whole album was live.
    Can anybody help.

    1. What you are describing looks like “Diva” from the Zoolook album but unfortunately there is no live version of that song…

  3. I think that new album Electronica 1 is one of the best studio albums of JeanMichelJarre. Another the best studio albums are Oxygene and Equinoxe and Rendez – Vous and Geometry of Love.

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