Planet Jarre: A 50 years of music compilation

Disc 1 : Explorations & Early works Ethnicolor Souvenir of China Blah Blah Café Music for supermarkets (Demo Excerpt) – Part 2 most arguably Roseland La Cage Erosmachine Hypnose The song of the burnt barns Hapiness is a sad song AOR Bleu Last Rendez-vous Disc 2 : Sequences Cochella opening Arpeggiator Automatic part 1 (with Vince Clarke) Exit (with Edward Snowden) Equinoxe 7 Oxygene 8 Stardust (with … Continue reading Planet Jarre: A 50 years of music compilation

Oxygène new master recording (studio album, 2007)

Oxygène new master recording


Studio album 

Publication November 2007
Recording 2007
Length 35:06
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label EMI
Notes: Jarre records original Oxygène with instruments from then, in CD and live, in DVD with additional music.

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