2010 tour

Jean-Michel Jarre continues in March 2010 the tour he started with the In-doors project, with fellowmen Francis Rimbert, Claude Samard and Dominique Perrier (replaced in May 2010 by Jérôme Gueguen, due to Dominique’s wife health issues). The title of the tour is an hommage to the Novel written by Arthur C. Clarke (the sequel to “2001, a space odyssey”). In additional to the lasers of … Continue reading 2010 tour

Oxygene 30th Anniversary Tour (European Tour from March to December)

Jean-Michel Jarre, Francis Rimbert, Dpminique Perrier and Claude Samard performed the same concerts he did in Marigny Theater, Paris all around Europe.

Only nice theaters, like the Royal Albert Hall did host the show.

The tour was very successful, people relying on the legend of Jarre’s first hit album, Oxygène.
Oxygène 13 was added to the setlist to lake the concerts a bit longer, and much more impro was brought each and every night. Continue reading “Oxygene 30th Anniversary Tour (European Tour from March to December)”

Oxygène Tour 1997 (European Tour, May to October 1997)

Oxygène Tour
European Tour, 37 venues
Entrance Payable
Date May 3 to June 26 (Europe) and October 10 to 20 (France) 1997
Length 18 songs
Crew 3 keyboardists, a bass player, a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 100,000 overall
Notes: Jarre plays most of both “Oxygène” plus classic tracks on analog synths for his first in-door tour ever.

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In-doors World Tour 2009

Jarre is ongoing with his World Arena In-doors Tour. This spectacular set of lasers and lights associated with Jarres’ greatest hits over the years has gathered thousands throughout Europe. It is produced with the original synths that spread through his 30 years of success, and three fine keyboard masters, Clade Samard, Francis Rimbert and Dominique Perrier. Jarre says he is looking forward to each venue … Continue reading In-doors World Tour 2009

Europe in concert (European Tour, July to October 1993)

Europe in concert
European Tour, 14 venues
Entrance Hotel residents
Date 14 dates
Length 15 songs depending on the venue
Crew 4 keyboardists, a guitar and bass player and a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 660.000 total
Notes: Jarre promotes Chronologie in an european tour with a “rock” band in spectacular venues.

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The first China concerts (October 1981)

Concerts in China
5 concerts in Beijing (2), Shanghai (In-door)
Entrance Payable
Dates October 21 and 22 in Beijing, October 26, 27 and 28 in Shanghai
Length From 6 songs to 14 songs
Crew 3 synthmen, 1 drummer
Audience 120.000
Notes: Jarre was the first Occidental artist to perform in post-Mao’s China.

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