“Destination Docklands story” by Will Jennings (10-10-2018)

DESTINATION DOCKLANDS THE STORY OF JEAN MICHEL-JARRE’S 1988 LONDON SPECTACLE Thirty years ago this week, London witnessed one of the most remarkable and intriguing cultural events of its modern history. A concert which used massive buildings as a stage-set, relentless fireworks that could be seen across the city, an event which nearly didn’t happen at all due to legal and political fights and which all … Continue reading “Destination Docklands story” by Will Jennings (10-10-2018)

Jean-Michel Jarre – Geometry of Love

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In Jean-Michel Jarre‘s long and illustrious career, the first few years of the twenty-first century are perhaps the oddest. Having launched the new millennium with a massive live extravaganza at the pyramids in Giza, he released his first fully vocal album Metamorphoses in early 2000, but it didn’t perform well commercially. He therefore appears to have retreated into himself, recording Sessions 2000… Continue reading Jean-Michel Jarre – Geometry of Love

Disinherited musician Jean-Michel Jarre scales up challenge over father’s will

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre, who has mounted a legal challenge after being disinherited by his Hollywood composer father, said Friday he will take his case to the European Court of Human Rights. The decision to go to the ECHR comes after Jean-Michel lost his bid in a French court to overturn the will of Oscar-winning Maurice, who wrote the scores for “Doctor Zhivago” and … Continue reading Disinherited musician Jean-Michel Jarre scales up challenge over father’s will

13. Jean-Michel Jarre | Equinoxe

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My favourite Jarre album because of the first track, which was possibly my first introduction to electronic music, that and Oxygene (my Uncle recorded me both and they took up one side each of a C90 cassette). It starts so quietly, then you get the beeps and the synthesizer and that melody which then seeps through the rest of the… Continue reading 13. Jean-Michel Jarre | Equinoxe

Questions about Planet Jarre

Lee Sainsbury from JarreUK Facebook page has responses from Sony Music Entertainment (SME) about the content of the Planet Jarre compilation: Lee: What’s being released? SME: https://lnk.to/PlanetJarre_2CD This is a standard 2CD in a Jewelcase + Booklet (this product might not be available in all markets as it was mainly set up for eastern European markets that usually don’t stock digipacks) https://lnk.to/PlanetJarre_Deluxe This is a … Continue reading Questions about Planet Jarre

Houston 2018 enthusiastic gig review

Jean-Michel Jarre’s unique and exhilarating amalgamation of live sound and vision produces a concert experience that was both sensory satisfying and truly unforgettable Three decades after the French electronic music pioneer staged his iconic “Rendez-Vous Houston” laser, light and music production (that engulfed the entire downtown of the Space City), the Godfather of EDM returned to the South Texas area to perform an intimately dazzling … Continue reading Houston 2018 enthusiastic gig review

Jean-Michel Jarre set “The best Friday Coachella performance… no one saw”

Jarre, 69, is giving his first U.S. tour and Coachella founder Paul Tollett had a special stage built for his show, including three large screens. Tollett said he had to get the word out that this was going to be a great performance. But a 69-year-old Frenchman without hits just doesn’t have the SEO needed to build an audience in this digital age. Read more. Continue reading Jean-Michel Jarre set “The best Friday Coachella performance… no one saw”