Inside Matt Berry’s Record Collection

It all began with Top Of The Pops. I was young and impressionable at a time in pop music when everyone was playing synths – analogue synths like these [see Matt’s collection, pictured above]. I thought this was interesting because these instruments didn’t look like anything I knew, not like anything at school, for instance. So I became obsessed with anything that had a synth … Continue reading Inside Matt Berry’s Record Collection

#668 Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène

Originally posted on Random Record Review:
I’ve never been a particular fan of JMJ, generally preferring my electronic instrumental music as either the full-blown ridiculously OTT progtastic fare of Wakeman or Wayne, or chugging motorik krautrock or the early electronic pioneers of Carlos, Derbyshire and Oram, or the neo-classical composers of Johann Johannson et al. That said, Jarre has written one of the most distinctive… Continue reading #668 Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygène

Nest HQ’s review of Equinoxe Infinity

If you close your eyes while listening to the totality of Jean-Michel Jarre‘s Equinoxe Infinity, I swear you can travel to another world whether or not you believe it’s just your imagination. The legendary French producer and composer perhaps just made his most prolific voyage of an album yet, expressed in 10 movements, which are defined as a self-contained part of a musical composition or … Continue reading Nest HQ’s review of Equinoxe Infinity

Meaww’s review of Equinoxe Infinity

Jean-Michel Jarre releases ‘Equinoxe Infinity’, a reimagination that arrives 40 years after the original LP The pioneering electronic music producer celebrates four decades of ‘Equinoxe’ with a mind-bending reworking of the original. 40 years ago, pioneering electronic music producer Jean-Michel Jarre released ‘Equinoxe’, a monumental instrumental concept album with an equally impressive cult visual design by Michel Granger. Today (November 16), exactly four decades after … Continue reading Meaww’s review of Equinoxe Infinity

Spill album review of Equinoxe Infinity

Perhaps it is their age, perhaps it is their level of confidence, but  there are a number of established artists releasing albums in which they do what they do best. They are not trying to compete with the today’s pop sensations but rather cater to their own artististic integrity and perhaps their loyal, core following. Jean-Michel Jarre is one of those artists. Over the last … Continue reading Spill album review of Equinoxe Infinity

Louder than war review of Equinoxe Infinity (11.2018)

Forty years (to the day) after the release of the landmark Equinoxe album, The Godfather of Electronic Music releases the sequel. Louder Than War’s Paul Scott-Bates reviews. Jean-Michel Jarre is a tease. A tease with the album title. A tease with the album artwork. A tease with the sounds that he uses (repeats?) on Equinoxe Infinity. The recent surprise announcement of this new album, hot … Continue reading Louder than war review of Equinoxe Infinity (11.2018)