Jean Michel Jarre is a UNESCO Goodwill ambassadorJarre’s Oxygène album is the greatest seller in the french musical history with 14 to 15 million sold. Still, it was denied by all the record companies at the time it was finished, in 1976.

Oxygène won the highest french reward for an instrumental work, the “Grand Prix de l’académie Charles Cros” in 1976.

Jarre has been elected “Personnality of the year” by People magazine in 1976.

Jarre is the first occidental musician to play music in China’s post Mao. He is an honory member of the Beijing Conservatory.

Jarre has broken three times the Guiness Books of records of the most people attending concerts. Subsequently in Paris, Place de La Concorde (1979), Houston Texas downtown (1986) and Paris La Défense (1990). Unrecorded overall audience count is Moscow in 1997 with over 3.500.000 people estimated, though later editions of the book figure it.

Jarre is the author of the most expensive album ever sold: “Music for supermarkets“, which was brought to auctions 69.000 francs in 1983.

Jarre is the only instrumental musician to win twice in a row the price of the best instrumental album at the french award “Les Victoires de la musique”, in 1985 for Zoolook and in 1986 for Rendez-vous. Jarre wins the “Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros” once more with Zoolook.

Zoolook is named “instrumental album of the year” in the USA.

Jarre was made honory citizen of the city of Houston for his unbeliveable trend to that city.

In 1987, Jarre was for the second time awarded of the “Personnality of the year” reward.

In 1992, Space object number 4422 was named after Jarre.

In 1993, Jarre is made Ambassador of Goodwill for the UNESCO.

In 1994, Jarre received the medal of the “Legion d’honneur” on behalf of french president.

In 1998, Jean Michel received the IFPI’s Platinum Europe Award for selling more than 32 million albums.

In 2006, he got two awards for his polish concert in Gdansk : concert of the year and man of the year.

In 2008, Jarre became Doctor Honoris Causa by the Mendeleev Russian University of Chemistry and Technology.

In 2010, Jarre was the first frenchman to receive a Mojo Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 2012, Spanish Academy of Arts greeted Jarre as an honorary member of Alacalá University.

In 2013, Jean Michel was elected President of CISAC and ambassador for Electronic Music. he received the Steiger award in Germany.

In 2014, he recieves a Q innovation in sound award in London, and a NUmeric disctinction from INA/GRM, which he’ll become vice-president two years later.

In 2017, he was nominated for a Grammy in Electronic Music category for the best album with Electronica: a time machine.
He was also graduated “Best French artist of 2017” in Israël.

To be continued…

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