Key dates

I tried to stick to those 17 key dates of the Jean-Michel Jarre bigger than life career, but you can discover more in the biography sections :

Birth of Jean-Michel Jarre in Lyon, father of France Pejot and Maurice Jarre (who will divorce when he ages 5)

Jean Michel Jarre is accepted in the Music Reasearch Center headed by Pierre Schaeffer. He will compose his first electro-acoustic pieces between 1968 and 1971.

Jarre composes music for a ballet at the Opera de Paris “AOR” (first time ever electronic music is played in this place)

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Jean-Michel Jarre releases Oxygène in France, and in the rest of the world the year later, selling millions of copies.

Concert at La Concorde in Paris One million people attended the concert (First Guiness Books of records entry).

First live tour. Jarre becomes the first occidental musician to play in post-Mao China. He becomes honorary member of the Beijing conservatory. Same year he is one of the first musicians to record on the Fairlight, the first sampler ever his Magnetic Fields album.

Music for supermarkets is edited to one copy and played on a national radio in France to protest about the lack of consideration of music distributors. The album is sold to auction to help Young painters working for an art gallery in Paris.

Jarre gives a concert to one and a half million people in downtown Houston using the buildings as the stage, in a celebration of the 25th year of NASA and 150 years of Texas. This is still to-date the biggest concert on the North American territory. New Guiness Book entry.

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Jarre gives a concert in Paris in the La Défense area in a spectacular show named “A city in concert”. 2.5 million people attend the concert. New Guiness book entry.

Jarre’s outdoor tour Europe in Concert, sponsored by Swatch, gathers 660.000 tickets. Same year Jarre becomes spokesman for UNESCO.

Jarre releases the sequel to Oxygène, Oxygène 7-13, and gives his biggest concert
ever, on the Moscow Hills, to an estimated 3 million people.

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Jarre performs in Egypt next to the Pyramids of Cairo on 2000’s New year eve, in a show seen by billions on TV and on Internet, The twelve dreams of the sun.

Jarre gives the first ever concert in 5.1. in the Forbidden City and in Tien Anmen Square in China. It is transmitted live on TV to hundreds of millions of chinese teevision sets.

In december 2007, Jarre performs the entirety of the Oxygène album in an album Oxygène live in your living room and then on stage in pretigious venues like theaters all through Europe.

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Jarre gives a giant concert in Monaco, in honor of the mariage of Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock.

After having realeased the two previous years a collaboration album named Electronica, on April, 6th, Jarre gives the biggest concert ever in Masada, Israel, to alert on the death of the Dead Sea. The show lasts 8 hours and features DJ guests from around the world.

Jarre realeases the final chapter of the Oxygène trilogy, named Oxygène 3, which cover is a 3D reinterpretation of the origial Oxygène artwwork by Michel Granger.

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