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Opinions on Jarre’s music. Fans, journalists, musicians, everyone in the field of electronic music and beyond has a judgement on Jean Michel’s work !

A very interesting article from anglish newspaper the Independant written by Jonathan Brown in February 2008 :

There has always been a certain degree of grandeur in Jean Michel Jarre’s ambitions, both musical and social. The first Western pop star to play behind the Bamboo Curtain; a Unesco Goodwill Ambassador; friend and confidant of the late Diana, Princess of Wales; and serial holder of the record for the world’s biggest ever concert – culminating in the 1997 performance in front of an audience of 3.5 million at Moscow State University. So it’s hardly surprising that he has required some of the globe’s most stunning locations as a backdrop to his particular brand of electronica. Read more…

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  1. Thank you for your visit and all the kind words.
    Thanks for joining me to your list fans of Jean Michel Jarre.
    Your blog is great. I will definitely come back here.


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