Jean Michel Jarre signed to Sony Music in Germany


For sound in Munich, he was one of the guest stars. Although joined Jean Michel Jarre not with music, but in an interview with Willy Ehmann and Ralf Schalk he willingly gave information about himself and his plans.

He already stood from 1996 to 2001, on Sony Music label Epic under contract, and after the album flopped “Metamorphoses” (2000) parted ways the French pioneer of electronic music and the record company. But more than ten years later want to try another again. This gave Willy Ehmann and Ralf According to Schalk known in Munich, who were talking on stage with the artist. Sony Music Germany has taken Jarre under contract and will in the coming years, his entire catalog since the multi-million seller Oxygène publish again (1976), a new album is planned for 2014.

“I’m starting all over again from scratch,” Jarre said, “with a new team and new ideas.” And he emphasized that he was proud that he is now the contract with Sony Music Entertainment Germany had signed. The planned new album means to him “a renaissance, a rebirth as an artist.” It would “include 40 years of electronic music and recapitulate.”

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Interview of Jean Michel Jarre to Cinezik

Jean-Michel Jarre, the famous musician of electronic music (Oxygene), was the guest of Light Festival 2013 in Lyon to take a Master Class dedicated to his father Maurice Jarre, famous composer for film (Lawrence of Arabia). On this occasion, he gave an interview to Cinezik where he discusses his music, the father figure, and talks about his desire to extend the work of Maurice Jarre by signing him as film music.

At its conference in Lyon Festival of Light (October 2013), Jean-Michel Jarre said “This is the first time I paid tribute to my father,” telling her that soon 5 years and the divorce of his parents, he has not seen his father for a long time, this absence has eaten, you can still feel the bitterness in him. When they later had the opportunity to review, they did not talk about music, “modesty”. This tribute has enabled Jean-Michel Jarre release his word for the first time about his father. During this emotional time, mixing the personal and the artistic, the musician does not hide his gratitude to his parent: “It has revolutionized the music scene in a culmination of sound music.” He cites two films are his favorites: “The head against the wall” and “Lawrence of Arabia”.

7 years after having met the father, the son Jarre has also been releasing his word Cinezik front of the camera, and make a few announcements.

“My approach to music has always been to provide the soundtrack of the film that everyone can have in his head.”

Cinezik: How your father Maurice Jarre may have contributed to your desire to be a musician?

Jean-Michel Jarre: When I started making music, it was not at all connected to the existence of the work of my father, because of the lack of relationship I had with it. I always said it was better to open conflict with his father, because at least there is something that exists against which they can rebel. An absence is worse, because it is in space, facing a black hole. So when I start the music, it is not strange at all related to the fact that I have a father composer. I do not really realize. My mother encouraged me to do so. I hesitated between painting and music. I’ll eventually make music through my passion for painting. I played in rock bands. I studied music at the Conservatoire de Paris. I then returned to the Groupe de Recherches Musicales de Pierre Schaeffer, this is the year 1968 when we questioned everything. The organic approach to sound is close to the abstract painting that interested me (Relieves, Pollock …), in a work on the texture of the material. All this is very related to an identity that I wanted to build me from my father.
But now I realize that the music scene has greatly influenced me when I was very small. The first show I saw was in the air for the first festival of Avignon. There was already the sense of space on the musical map. It took me to wait today to realize that this was something that had to show me to do what I did, of course. Continue reading “Interview of Jean Michel Jarre to Cinezik”

J-M Jarre: ‘Kafkaesque’ EU ignores world culture (09.25.2013)

Culture today is more than ever a key to sustainable development, says Jean-Michel Jarre, who is goodwill ambassador of UNESCO. The musician regrets that “the administrative monster” of Europe culture relegates to the background. He paid tribute to France to promote “cultural exception” on a universal scale.

Hello Jean-Michel Jarre. Needs no introduction to you. Two words for me, I just Eastern Europe and many of my contemporaries the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre has changed our lives. You accelerated the fall of the Berlin Wall. Are you aware?
I was conscious afterwards. Because when we do things we do not realize that by definition of the impact they may have. It is true that, from the beginning of my work, I’ve had letters that came from Eastern Europe, the countries of the East who experienced the Soviet dictatorship, letters that have affected me much and encouraged. That is to say that my music was perceived from the outset as a symbol of escape, freedom, banned in countries on the other side of the wall, especially in Russia, Soviet Union. This gave extra meaning to my work as designer and musician. And from the outset, I have developed personal relationships with a number of countries, with Bulgaria, which was one of the first countries where people have sent me letters of encouragement. Paradoxically, as well as in my own country. This is something that has obviously touched me, part of my DNA somehow.

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Jean Michel Jarre featured on French avant-garde Compilation album

Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) – Compilation Album – Black Bird Track Featured – Released 14 October 2013

The Early Years of French Electronic Released on Compilation; Includes Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Michel Jarre and Cerrone Included [TRACK LIST]

It’s not exactly a secret that Europe has always been a hotbed for electronic music. German bands such as Kraftwerk experimented with synthpop during the ’70s, the United Kingdom popularized house and “big beat” for two decades afterward, and the current scene is dominated by names from all over the continent. Daft Punk is rightly praised as one of the biggest names in electronic music, but it certainly wasn’t the first French act to have an influence. Because Music is launching the compilation “Cosmic Music: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980)” to flesh out the nation’s often overshadowed influence on the genre.

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Prog-sphere review (2013): Waiting for Cousteau

“Water & air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends have become global garbage cans”. – Jacques-Yves Cousteau :: Waiting for Cousteau review by Ian Gledhill :: Initially employed as a seductive prelude for audiences attending his spectacular open air concerts Jean-Michel Jarre reworked the captivating ambient passage into 48 minute showpiece entitled ” En Attendant Cousteau ” as a homage to the … Continue reading Prog-sphere review (2013): Waiting for Cousteau