Gaspard Augé from Justice on Jarre and 70’s french electronic music

“There’s a very refreshing sincerity that contrasts with our times,” says Justice producer Gaspard Augé in the liner notes (read Jarre’s notes) for Cosmic Machine, a new compilation of experimental French electronic music. “Especially because these composers weren’t cool at the time. They were total geeks; they looked like math teachers with ponytails and bad glasses, or mad professors pent-up in their studios.” A direct … Continue reading Gaspard Augé from Justice on Jarre and 70’s french electronic music

Jean Michel Jarre featured on French avant-garde Compilation album

Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) – Compilation Album – Black Bird Track Featured – Released 14 October 2013

The Early Years of French Electronic Released on Compilation; Includes Serge Gainsbourg, Jean Michel Jarre and Cerrone Included [TRACK LIST]

It’s not exactly a secret that Europe has always been a hotbed for electronic music. German bands such as Kraftwerk experimented with synthpop during the ’70s, the United Kingdom popularized house and “big beat” for two decades afterward, and the current scene is dominated by names from all over the continent. Daft Punk is rightly praised as one of the biggest names in electronic music, but it certainly wasn’t the first French act to have an influence. Because Music is launching the compilation “Cosmic Music: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980)” to flesh out the nation’s often overshadowed influence on the genre.

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Jarre interviewed by French Channel Arte

Youtube Video

Here is the transcription of the latest interview of Jean Michel Jarre in Tracks, a french pop-culture magazine both in German and French langage.

Arte: A sound laboratory, a mad scientist … But what happened to Jean Michel Jarre? The abuse of Oxygen, no doubt.
Where goes the mega shows of Jean Michel Jarre, the grass does not grow more. His first outdoor concert in July 1979, Place de la Concorde attracts over one million people. That builds an ego.
JMJ: “I even remember that night after the concert, there’s a guy with a beard, he had a head a bit like Fidel Castro, he leaned towards me and said: ” I’ve never seen anything alike of my life “and I say,” Thank you, that’s nice ” and someone told me,” You know who that was? It was Mick Jagger.”

Arte: Oxygen 4 was released in 1976 and made ​​a stratospheric career against all odds.
JMJ: “The evidence is that this record has been denied by virtually all majors. From the first albums of “Oxygen”, there are many who have been dismissed, because it began with a sort of wind soubd and people thought it was a mistake on the disk, and therefore, there was a lot of feedback with people saying that there was a fault on the vinyl. ‘

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