Jarre interview in Progression Magazine (2018)

“IT’S IMPORTANT THAT WE WATCH THOSE WHO ARE WATCHING US!” This cautionary statement from Jean-Michel Jarre during the fabled French synthesist’s worldwide Electronica Tour introduces a concert segment lauding the controversial crusade of American CIA whistleblower/refugee Edward Snowden. Mulling music’s complex societal bond, Jarre says electronic artists working on the cutting edge of technology understand its potential for widespread abuse. Acting on that knowledge is … Continue reading Jarre interview in Progression Magazine (2018)

The dead pixels’ review of Electronica 2

Jean Michel Jarre seems to be a man on a mission. Since releasing his collaborative album Electronica Vol.1 last year he has been around the world touring, finishing off Electronica Vol.2 and also recording his follow up to the legendary Oxygene with Oxygene 3 coming in just a couple of days time (I’ll be reviewing it here). Jean Michel Jarre Electronica Vol. 2: Music Review Continue reading The dead pixels’ review of Electronica 2

Electronica 2. The Heart of Noise. Jean Michel Jarre

Originally posted on The Echo Music:
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jean Michel Jarre’s father was a composer of movies music. Often, he travelled to USA to work,and then the little Jean Michel was raised only by his mother, in France. He doesn’t have relationship with his father until 18 years old.? Also, he studied with Karlheinz Stockhausen (the German musician, one of the innovators in the electronic music),… Continue reading Electronica 2. The Heart of Noise. Jean Michel Jarre

Interview for Musicplayers.com (2016)

French musician Jean-Michel Jarre is universally hailed as the godfather of electronic music, having pioneered the use of synthesizers in popular music. Beginning his career at the end of the ‘60s, Jarre has sold in excess of 80 million records to date, and his performances are truly the stuff of legend—or Guinness Book world records. His concert event celebrating Moscow, Russia’s 850th birthday had 3.5 … Continue reading Interview for Musicplayers.com (2016)

Hot Press interview (16 Aug 2016)

Jarre Trek Beyond: Jean Michel Jarre talks David Bowie, hanging out with Mick Jagger and the Bataclan attacks With an arsenal of gazillion-selling hits and everyone from Damon Albarn and Peaches to Jeff Mills and Edward Snowden on speed-dial, Jean Michel Jarre is electronica royalty personified. His star-studded new record, decadent NYC nights out, the French terror attacks and his upcoming Dublin show are all … Continue reading Hot Press interview (16 Aug 2016)

Music interview: Jean-Michel Jarre (30 th July 2016)

Ahead of a UK tour, the pioneer of electronica Jean Michel Jarre talks to Duncan Seaman about his life in music. In a musical career spanning five decades Jean-Michel Jarre has made a habit of breaking new ground. His 1976 album Oxygène showed artists and record labels that they no longer needed to spend fortunes on lavish recording studios when you could make a worldwide … Continue reading Music interview: Jean-Michel Jarre (30 th July 2016)