50 YEARS OF MUSIC – 1978 #JMJSeries [Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields]

On September 14th 2018 Jean-Michel Jarre releases his ultimate Best Of PLANET JARRE – 50 YEARS OF MUSIC. This #JMJSeries will lead you through Jean-Michel Jarre’s special moments of the past 50 years. The third episode is about the concepts of his first albums Oxygene, Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields. Continue reading 50 YEARS OF MUSIC – 1978 #JMJSeries [Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields]

13. Jean-Michel Jarre | Equinoxe

Originally posted on The Electric 5:
My favourite Jarre album because of the first track, which was possibly my first introduction to electronic music, that and Oxygene (my Uncle recorded me both and they took up one side each of a C90 cassette). It starts so quietly, then you get the beeps and the synthesizer and that melody which then seeps through the rest of the… Continue reading 13. Jean-Michel Jarre | Equinoxe

Equinoxe (studio album, 1978)

Equinoxe Studio album Publication 1978 Recording January-August 1978 Length 38:53 Producer Jean Michel Jarre Label Disques Dreyfus Notes: For this album, Michel Geiss designed the Matrisequencer, a unique device of electronic music machine. Equinoxe is a great follow-up to Oxygène. The theme of Equinoxe, as Jean Michel jarre describes it, is to tell the story of a journey from dawn to dawn. The album is … Continue reading Equinoxe (studio album, 1978)