Inside Matt Berry’s Record Collection

It all began with Top Of The Pops. I was young and impressionable at a time in pop music when everyone was playing synths – analogue synths like these [see Matt’s collection, pictured above]. I thought this was interesting because these instruments didn’t look like anything I knew, not like anything at school, for instance. So I became obsessed with anything that had a synth … Continue reading Inside Matt Berry’s Record Collection

Fan portraits (#03) GeeJee from Netherlands

GeeJee, from the Netherlands, as known as the guv’nor of the jarre fan forum, has accepted to answer my routine questions.

1- Under which circumstances did you discover Jarre?

Well, that’s actually quite a sad story. I didn’t have an easy time at all when I was a kid, and I remember the horrible holidays in the UK, where my parents threw everything at me they could find. So I used to sneak into my tent and lie down in my sleeping bag while listening to this CD called “Synthesizer Greatest“, which would comfort me.

2- When since do you consider yourself as a fan?

I kept being interested in the “Synthesizer Greatest” cds (I had the first two volumes)- and always thought they were the original versions. Someday I found out they were not, and went looking for some CDs by Jarre in the local record store. I encountered “Destination Docklands” or “Revolutions” (I don’t remember) and “Odyssey trough O2” in the record bins, neither of which really appealed to me. I then went to look for some songs on Kazaa, fell in love with Chronologie 4. I don’t remember whether I first bought the Chronologie album, or the complete edition of Oxygène (the black longbox). I was hooked ever since. Must have been over a decade now.

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Fan portraits (#02) Kanta from England

This time, we are asking Kanta, a member of the forum and partner, her views about Jean Michel, being a fan, and so on. Quie an intersting reading! 1- Under which circumstances did you discover Jarre? I discovered Jean Michel when my sister and I inherited a record player from my Uncle and Auntie. It was a present to us as they were … Continue reading Fan portraits (#02) Kanta from England

Fan portraits (#01) Lahavana from Romania

jeanmicheljarre romania site > This is the first of my fan interviews with Jarre fans from around the world. This month’s report is special from Romania. Lahavana, chief editor of newly created, was kind enough to answer my questions. Here we go:

1- Under which circumstances did you discover Jarre?

The discovery wasn’t actually my own – the first listening of Oxygene (or maybe Equinoxe, I cannot know for sure) happened when I was only a few days old, since my folks used the old Unitra reel-to-reel to soothe me into sleep.

2- When since do you consider yourself as a fan?

I think that there are 2 stages of being a fan:

1. the stage when you are not as much interested in the person but the music and you keep listening and listening, sometimes without even knowing if the composer is male or female (in the case of a more ambiguous name…). this is the stage when you simply live the music, you interpret it in your own way, it is, more or less, “yours” (one might say, a more passive stage);
2. the stage when you’ve pretty much “consumed” the music and you go deeper – discover the mind behind the music and try to guess the way that music was intended/created/thought out (a more active stage). So, having in mind these 2 stages (which are usually very much age-related, as well, and also, depend on how many years you’ve spent dwelling on the artist’s music) I think I’ve been a fan in stage 1 (not counting the early years, when I was simply a child responding to nice music) since around 1991 or 1992, when the La Defense concert was aired on Romanian TV. That’s the time when I actually got to hear new music of JMJ (I had only listened to Oxygene and Equinoxe until then) and I judged for myself (or rather felt) whether I like it or not. And then, for stage 2 – last year, 2008, when JMJ suddenly “popped out” in the Romanian media and I got the bright idea to start looking for news on the internet. There had been 0 news about him in RO since 2000 and his Giza concert, so I simply lingered in a passive “stage 1” attitude. Continue reading “Fan portraits (#01) Lahavana from Romania”