12/09/2018: Premiere of the 360° Planet Jarre in Hamburg’s Planetarium

20/08/2018 Via Jean-Michel Jarre – On September 12th the Planetarium in Hamburg will present the Premiere of a 360° audio-visual PLANET JARRE show which I am very excited to see myself. #planetjarre #50yearsofmusic Source.

Edit 21/08/2018: Also you get the chance to win tickets for the exclusive PLANET JARRE planetarium show on September 12th in Hamburg. Just follow the link below on Apple Music or Spotify. 10×2 tickets are to win. Good luck! Source

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Jean Michel Jarre signed to Sony Music in Germany


For sound in Munich, he was one of the guest stars. Although joined Jean Michel Jarre not with music, but in an interview with Willy Ehmann and Ralf Schalk he willingly gave information about himself and his plans.

He already stood from 1996 to 2001, on Sony Music label Epic under contract, and after the album flopped “Metamorphoses” (2000) parted ways the French pioneer of electronic music and the record company. But more than ten years later want to try another again. This gave Willy Ehmann and Ralf According to Schalk known in Munich, who were talking on stage with the artist. Sony Music Germany has taken Jarre under contract and will in the coming years, his entire catalog since the multi-million seller Oxygène publish again (1976), a new album is planned for 2014.

“I’m starting all over again from scratch,” Jarre said, “with a new team and new ideas.” And he emphasized that he was proud that he is now the contract with Sony Music Entertainment Germany had signed. The planned new album means to him “a renaissance, a rebirth as an artist.” It would “include 40 years of electronic music and recapitulate.”

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German Fan Meeting in Frankfurt


On October 13th, 2012 the first Jean Michel Jarre fan meeting in Germany took place in Frankfurt after 3 months of preparations. Thomas Gruberski arrived the day before and the build-up of the equipment started. Soundchecks and rehearsals lasted until late in the night. Alain Pype followed on Saturday morning with the Space Art equipment. The rest of the band arrived in the afternoon.
The meeting started at 11:30 h. As tickets the fans got tickes of the cancelled Jarre concert in Düsseldorf 1994. On the walls fans could watch a discography with record covers and a list of Jarre concerts with concert photos. There was also a stall with Jarre articles like e.g. posters, magazines, CDs, photos etc. On a big screen a slide show with concert photos was shown, followed by a film of Jean Michel’s Monaco concert.

At 3 o’clock Thomas Gruberskis’ concert „Spacetime Adventures“ started. Thomas already played at Jarre fanmeetings (e.g. in Belgium) in the past and has released 3 CDs with own compositions. He played, together with Klemens Trenkle on percussions, a great mix of own songs and Jarre tracks, accompanied by a complex Show of lights, lasers and video projections. The audience, even the people who didn’t know his music until then were thrilled and there was a lot of applause. The tracks he played were the following: Chronologie 1, Photonic Rainbow, Equinoxe 4, Omnipresence IV, Nanometric Part 2&3, Hey Gagarin (Thomas Gruberski Remix), The sons of creation I, Take 03, The Sons Pf Creation II, The Sons Of Creation III, Hyper Glide, Chronologie 4, Magnetic Fields 2, Oxygene 8 and (as the encore) Omnipresence II. After the concert there was a “run” of the fans to buy Thomas’s CDs and get them signed.
Meanwhile Dominique Perrier and his French musicians had arrived. They also were impressed by Thomas’s performance and compositions.

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