Rendez-vous review from Today’s album (2016)

When you hear the music of Jean Michel Jarre do you visualise lasers shooting into the sky, giant projections traversing skyscrapers and huge firework displays against famous backdrops? Yep, I thought so. It does beg the question is the French synthesizer maestro more about the music or the show? I’ve often thought about this and concluded they go hand in hand. Read more. Continue reading Rendez-vous review from Today’s album (2016)

Remembrance of Houston concert by local blogger (2011)

Remember Rendez-Vous? Twenty-five years ago today, French composer Jean-Michel Jarre turned the Houston skyline into his personal concert stage, complete with fireworks, lasers, spotlights and projected images. It was the culmination of one man’s tribute to the spirt of Houston, Texas and NASA. Read more. Continue reading Remembrance of Houston concert by local blogger (2011)

Rendez-Vous album review (2013)

:: Album review by Melissa86 :: I am reviewing the music album Rendez-Vous by Jean Michel Jarre which is a very good album. Jean was the first instrumental artist to use predominently an electronic synthesizer which at that time was a relatively new instrument. Of course other artists like OMD & Howard Jones would add to what he achieved. He had a huge pop hit … Continue reading Rendez-Vous album review (2013)

Rendez-vous album (1986) review from 2013

When the New Town of Washington (that’s Tyne and Wear, not D.C.) was planned and constructed, somebody, somewhere, took the decision that the districts wouldn’t only have names but they would have numbers too. In itself this would have presented no great problem, but then it was further decided that the new road signs on the new roads in the New Town would display the … Continue reading Rendez-vous album (1986) review from 2013