Europe in concert (European Tour, July to October 1993)

Europe in concert
European Tour, 14 venues
Entrance Hotel residents
Date 14 dates
Length 15 songs depending on the venue
Crew 4 keyboardists, a guitar and bass player and a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 660.000 total
Notes: Jarre promotes Chronologie in an european tour with a “rock” band in spectacular venues.

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Swatch the world (October 25-26, 1992)

Swatch the world
Concert to celebrate the 100 million swatch sold (Out-door)
Entrance Free
Date October 25-26 1992
Length 8 songs and one unpublished track
Crew Music digitally recorded to lasers and lights
Audience 100.000
Notes: Jarre hosts a Swatch show in a small village.

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