Metamorphoses, Paris (Showcase, January 31st 2000)

Metamorphoses showcase
Man Ray Club (Paris)
Entrance Payable (the show was after dinner)
Date From January 31, 2000 to February 1, 2000
Length One hour
Crew 9 musicians and Natacha Atlas
Audience 500
Notes: A private show based exclusively upon the Metamorphoses album.

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Imac Night in Paris (Showcase, September 18, 1998)

Concert for Tolerance
Paris Congresshall
Entrance On invitation
Date September 18, 1998
Length 14 songs
Crew 1 keyboardist, 1 DJ, 2 drummers, 1 bass player
Audience 6,000
Notes: Jarre plays his first concert in which viewers must wear 3D glasses.

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France Festival in Japan (Showcase, April 29-30, 1998)

France Festival
Two showcases in-doors in Tokyo
Entrance On invitation
Date April 29-30, 1998
Length 3 songs
Crew 2 keyboardists and a singer
Audience 1,000
Notes: Jarre and Japanese superstar TK Komuro play for the year of France n Japan

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Wetten Dass (Showcase, March 22, 1997)

Wetten Dass TV Special
German TV live broadcast from Vienna
Entrance Free
Date March 22, 1997
Length 1 song
Crew 2 keyboardists, a bass player and a percussionist
Audience Unknown
Notes: Jarre plays outdoor in Vienna Oxygène 8 as pre-launch of the Oxygène 7-13 album in a German TV show

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Festa Italiana (Showcase, September 10, 1995)

Festa Italiana
Outdoor TV show in Turin, Italy
Entrance Free
Date September 10, 1995
Length 2 songs
Crew 2 keyboardists, a guitar and bass player and a drummer
Audience 300,000
Notes: Fiat invites Jarre and other international artists to celebrate the company’s new cars

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