New album Oxygene 3 and Oxygene trilogy out on 2nd, December 2016

Jean-michel will give another album, Oxygene 3, played with the original instruments of 1976, and the release will be the 2 of December this year. In the same time, an Oxygene trilogy will also be issued by Sony music containing Oxygene, Oxygene 7-13 (renamed oxygene 2) and oxygene 3.

Here is an extract of Jean-Michel’s official statement :

Today, for its 40th anniversary I can reveal that a brand new album, Oxygene 3 will be released on December 2nd 2016. I don’t necessarily like anniversaries that much…But when I was recording Electronica, two years ago, I did a piece of music (today Oxygene 19) that made me think about what Oxygene could be if I was composing it today. Then I took the 40th anniversary of the first album as a deadline to push myself to see if I could compose this new chapter in six weeks, just like I did for the first one: probably to avoid thinking too much about, whether it was a good idea or not, and also to record everything in one go… The idea was not to copy the first album, but rather keeping the dogma of embarking listeners on a journey from beginning to end with different chapters, all linked to each other.

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