jarre_electronic_musicJarre has used plenty of instruments throughout the years : Synthesizers, MIDI devices, rythm machines. He’s even made advertising for some of them. But what he likes best is what he calls himself the Stradivarius of electronic music : The Moogs, ARP and earlier instruments like the strange Theremin (or Thereminvox).

But what makes Jarre’s trademark since his first concerts, is his famous laser harp, engineered specially for him !

Check out this page for further talking about these instruments plus dozen others.

8 thoughts on “Gear

  1. During JMJ´s long career he has used so many synths/keyboard, so this list can be improved by adding which albums the individual instruments has been used. The used instruments are written in the record covers (LP´s at least) and many fans have search for the used patches/synthprogrammes on instruments in order to figure out what instruments are used for what sound. Very nerdish perhaps, but having a list of instruments at all is kind of nerdish too (for non fans :-).
    Anyway, there are related information at this page:
    Best regards

  2. Hi. Can you tell me the name of the large circular light-up keyboard used on rendezvous 4 at the Houston concert in the 80’s and was the playing of it akin to lip syncing like some people are saying or is it an actual working instrument and actually played?

    1. It is a fully functional keyboard and it works with MIDI compliant keyboard. It has been showed in Rouen, France a few years ago.

  3. You can add a Solina strings ensemble, Solina string synthesizer, Roland SH2000, Philicorda GM754, McBeth, Alesis Andromeda, Waldorf Blofeld

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