Jarre biography 2008-2017

jmjarrefan-biography-2017This is the fourth part of our biography. See first, second, third, fourth parts.

With the success of Oxygène live in Marigny Theater (Paris) in December 2007, Jarre chased on the concept of playing original Oxygène with the original vintage instruments (including RMI synthesizer and various ARP devices). He went on tour with a crew of 30 people and 4 tons of equipment throughout Europe in “Oxygène 30th anniversary Tour“, using the most beautiful venues, searching for the best acoustic conditions. 26 concerts were given from March 16th to 1st of May.

Jarre returned on the road with Oxygène for a suit of 15 dates from 5th November to 1st of december. To most of the fans, these intimate concerts were the perfect occasion to see Jarre after the shows (when fortunately I did not ran directly to his bus) and get photos and autographs. Jarre travelled the following countries: Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Russia and Poland.


In May 2009, Jarre set up a new spectacular show called “World Arena Tour” which would become later on the “Jarre>In-doors tour”. They have done a big tour in Northern Europe. It features Jarre’s best pieces of music from the most renown albums: Oxygène, Équinoxe, Magnetic Fields, The Concerts in China, Rendez-Vous, Revolutions, Waiting for Cousteau, Chronologie, Oxygene 7–13 and Oxygène live in your living room. What’s the most incredible about this tour is that Jarre is promoting no album while touring, even a best-of album (he’s left EMI in between). The frenchman has three great musicians: Dominique Perrier and Francis Rimbert on keyboards and live programming, Claude Samard on drums.

Jarre has a huge set of synthesizers on stage, and is enjoying much a more direct contact with the audience rather than in outdoor conditions. However, Jarre is still thinking of outdoor projects that may happen next year. Meanwhile, he is commissioned by World Air league as Artistic Director of the World Sky Race in 2011, another big project. It will be a race in lighter-than-air skyships around the world that will be a massive event on television and internet throughout the world, supported by UNESCO. The project was potponed to 2014.

Next leg of his world tour is to played in May 2010, with Poland, several dates in Germany and France, plus lots of over European countries. The concert in Lonodon’s o2 Arena, on the 10th of October, 2010 (10-10-10) was broadcasted live on Ustream (Youtube feed).
Unforgettable side-events were shows in Oslo, outside a castle, the one in Lebanon (a premiere for the frenchman), and a free-outdoor in Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, in front of the Cathedral. The tour spreads out to spring 2011 with Jarre appearing in Jelling Rock Festival. Jarre signs a partnership with Euronews channel, to support worldwide boradcast of later shows.


The 1st of July, 2011, Jarre gives a spectacular outside concert in Monaco, to celebrate the Wedding of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco. The fireworks and lasers, HD screening show was viewed by billions other the world. Later that year, the album Essential and Rarities was released. Jarre keeps on moving with his side-project, Jarre Technologies, which produced High tech loud speakers, sich as the Aerosystem or the Aerodream, the biggest speaker at-the-time.


He has announced mid-2012 working on two albums: One collaborative with the young electro act, another oersonal one, using both modern and analog synths. He returned with a double-album project called Electronica, with part 1: A time machine, and part 2: the heart of noise. And a year later he made the final part of the Oxygene trilogy, from Oxygene parts 14 to 20, called Oxygene 3. In 2018, Jarre celebrated the 40th anniversary of Equinoxe to publish its sequel, Equinoxe Infinity, made of 10 movements taking the point of view of the watchers from the artwork by Michel Granger to talk about artificial intelligence.

This section is updated from time to time, but you better check out my website for more or go to the official website!

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