“Electronica, volume 1” complete track-list revealed


Jean-Michel Jarre’s new album, entitled “Electronica Volume 1 – the time machine“, formely known as “e-project”, is to be released 16.10.2015. It features collaborators as different as Moby, M83, Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter or even chinese classical pianist Lang Lang.

It is a journey through electronic music and a second disc of collaborations will follow this first one, hopefully in Spring 2016.

You can order it on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon

A limited fan box (a basic one and a luxury one limited to 1,000 copies, signed by Jean Michel himself) is also available.

boxfan-deluxe boxfan-standard

Check out that impressive track-list and 5-minute video of Jarre explaining his whole project.

:: Track-list

  1. The Time Machine by Jean-Michel Jarre & Boys Noize
  2. Glory by Jean-Michel Jarre & M83
  3. Close Your Eyes by Jean-Michel Jarre & Air
  4. Automatic, Pt. 1 by Jean-Michel Jarre & Vince Clarke
  5. Automatic, Pt. 2 by Jean-Michel Jarre & Vince Clarke
  6. If…! by Jean-Michel Jarre & Little Boots
  7. Immortals by Jean-Michel Jarre & Fuck Buttons
  8. Suns Have Gone by Jean-Michel Jarre & Moby
  9. Conquistador by Jean-Michel Jarre & Gesaffelstein
  10. Travelator, Pt. 2 by Jean-Michel Jarre & Pete Townshend
  11. Zero Gravity by Jean-Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream
  12. Rely on Me by Jean-Michel Jarre & Laurie Anderson
  13. Stardust by Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren
  14. Watching You by Jean-Michel Jarre & 3D (Massive Attack)
  15. A Question of Blood by Jean-Michel Jarre & John Carpenter
  16. The Train & The River by Jean-Michel Jarre & Lang Lang
  17. Continuous Mix by Jean-Michel Jarre

Jarre says on his website that this album is much biger than expected :

“I had no idea in the beginning if this project was going to work but everybody I contacted said yes. It was also very important to me, to travel physically, to meet the collaborators, to have direct contact and work together properly. The project grew far beyond my expectations with a lot more collaborations than I thought at the beginning, so I decided to divide the project in two separate albums: Electronica 1 and Electronica 2”

:: Electronica part 1 trailer

Update : USA Today reports that Volume 2 may feature rock star Cindy Lauper and OST composer Hans Zimmer, among others.

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