Destination Trocadéro (May 13, 1989)

Destination Trocadéro
Standalone performance to Eiffel Tower’s 100th anniversary (Out-door)
Entrance Free
Date May 13, 1989
Length Single song: London kid
Crew Jean Michel Jarre, Hank Marvin, 2 keyboardists, and a bassist and a drummer
Audience 15.000
Notes: Jarre hosts a TV show for Eiffel Tower’s 100th anniversary.

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Destination Docklands (Mega-concert, October 8-9, 1988)

Destinations Docklands
The London concerts (Out-door)
Entrance Payable, but free from outside
Date October 8-9, 1988
Length 19 songs
Crew 11 musicians, 1 danser, 1 Choir from Mali.
Audience 200.000 tickets and plus an estimated 800.000 onlookers
Notes: Jarre gives two concerts despite apocalyptic wind and rain.

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