Fan portraits (#02) Kanta from England

This time, we are asking Kanta, a member of the forum and partner, her views about Jean Michel, being a fan, and so on. Quie an intersting reading! 1- Under which circumstances did you discover Jarre? I discovered Jean Michel when my sister and I inherited a record player from my Uncle and Auntie. It was a present to us as they were … Continue reading Fan portraits (#02) Kanta from England

Oxygène Tour 1997 (European Tour, May to October 1997)

Oxygène Tour
European Tour, 37 venues
Entrance Payable
Date May 3 to June 26 (Europe) and October 10 to 20 (France) 1997
Length 18 songs
Crew 3 keyboardists, a bass player, a percussionist and a drummer
Audience 100,000 overall
Notes: Jarre plays most of both “Oxygène” plus classic tracks on analog synths for his first in-door tour ever.

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In-doors World Tour 2009

Jarre is ongoing with his World Arena In-doors Tour. This spectacular set of lasers and lights associated with Jarres’ greatest hits over the years has gathered thousands throughout Europe. It is produced with the original synths that spread through his 30 years of success, and three fine keyboard masters, Clade Samard, Francis Rimbert and Dominique Perrier. Jarre says he is looking forward to each venue … Continue reading In-doors World Tour 2009

Destination Docklands (Mega-concert, October 8-9, 1988)

Destinations Docklands
The London concerts (Out-door)
Entrance Payable, but free from outside
Date October 8-9, 1988
Length 19 songs
Crew 11 musicians, 1 danser, 1 Choir from Mali.
Audience 200.000 tickets and plus an estimated 800.000 onlookers
Notes: Jarre gives two concerts despite apocalyptic wind and rain.

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