Electronic Beats interview (Fall 2015)

Stadium synth-lord Jean Michel Jarre talks to Max Dax about his new album ‘Electronica’, which features the likes of Air, Laurie Anderson and John Carpenter.

In 1977 when the Sex Pistols were spawning angry three chord reactions against the pomp of prog, a young Jean-Michel Jarre was enjoying the success of his first LP Oxygène­­—the kind of spacey, analog synth exploration punk supposedly sought to destroy. Jarre, a former student of Pierre Henry, would go on to sell 80 million records over his forty-year career and has experienced a critical reassessment of late. His recent collab-heavy LP Electronica 1: The Time Machine ambitiously seeks to tell the history of electronic music…with electronic music!

Max Dax: Monsieur Jarre, your new album Electronica features a large cast of iconic collaborators.

Jean-Michel Jarre: That’s right. They are my heroes. I am proud that they were all willing to participate. I see it as a great honor that they all loved the project. Read more.

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