Geometry of love (studio album, 2003)

Geometry of love
Studio album
Publication 2003
Recording (Mystery)
Length 42:10
Producer Jean Michel Jarre
Label Warner Music
Notes: Jarre’s lounge album. First one at Warner Music.

Jarre was ordered by Jean Roch a chill-out album for the famous parisian night club : “VIP Room”. This record has some similarities with earlier album “Sessions 2000”, but has less jazz flavor and is more ambient, sophisticated music. It was made by Jarre and Francis Rimbert on behalf of Jarre’s new production company, Aero Prod.

The promo version, sold in the nightclub itself, was subject to 2.000 copies. But fortunately enough, the disc was picked by Warner later on for bigger distribution.

The title track is cut into two parts, Geometry of love part 1 and part 2. Only Velvet Road is a new version of an existing song : “Rendez-vous in Space”, from the Okinawa concert in 2001 of Jarre’s shooting star group “The Vizitors”. The rest is original work. Music has been produced with minimal digital equipment, softwares Reason and Cubase under Macintosh. A Nordlead is also involved in the process.

On the cover of the album, Jarre placed a photograph of a certain part of the anatomy of his girlfriend, Isabelle Adjani. His love affair with the actress would become a public affair when they broke up the next summer and Adjani to overwhelm him.

  1. “Pleasure Principle” – 6:15
  2. “Geometry of Love Part 1” – 3:51
  3. “Soul Intrusion” – 4:45
  4. “Electric Flesh” – 6:01
  5. “Skin Paradox” – 6:17
  6. “Velvet Road” – 5:54
  7. “Near Djaina” – 5:01
  8. “Geometry of Love Part 2” – 4:06

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